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First Line Management Online Course

  • Complete At Your Own Pace

Have you recently been promoted to a management or supervisory role?

Our First Line Management training course has been developed to give new or inexperienced managers a firm foundation to start their management career.

And now it’s available to access online 24/7 whenever you need it.

Featuring videos, downloads and knowledge check questions at every stage of your learning, our online learning option is perfect for those who can’t take time away from the office.

With the ability to learn in bite size chunks, you can dive in and out of this course as often as you like, always picking up again where you left off.

The programme covers a wide range of topics and includes units on effective communication, managing your team, managing yourself, delegating, setting objectives, effective planning and personal development.

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Course Contents

This interactive training will give you a greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a manager, and provide you with a firm foundation upon which to start your management career. The course draws on our 25 years of training experience and means you can access all the great stuff from our classroom from the comfort of your home, whenever you need it.

Introduction (5 mins)
  • Welcome
  • Personal Objectives
Leadership and management (40 mins)
  • The difference between leaders and managers
  • Adair's Action Centred Approach
  • Tannenbaum and Schmidt's Leadership Continuum
  • Kurt Lewin's Leadership Styles
  • Situational leadership
  • Quiz
Motivation and performance (35 mins)
  • Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • Betari's Box
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Quiz
Time management, personal development and goal setting (25 mins)
  • Time management
  • Team management
  • SMART objectives
  • Quiz
Conflict management, communication and coaching (45 mins)
  • Conflict management
  • Overcoming difficult conversations
  • Listening skills
  • Feedback
  • GROW model
  • Quiz
Reflect and review (5 mins)
  • How was it for you?
  • Closing thoughts

Total time: 155 mins (approx.)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Modern managers need to be a combination of managers and leaders. This means they need to be able to determine an organisation’s goals and the methods for achieving them and also motivate and inspire the workforce.

Good management and leadership are essential if a business is to maximise its potential and achieve its goals.

No matter how good the individual is at their role, a team will be nowhere near as effective as it could be without clear objectives and motivation.

Well, some people believe effective leaders are born with many of the attributes necessary to lead a team, and that any leadership training is unnecessary.

There may be some truth in that. But having personal attributes is only half the story – you also need to learn how to utilise these attributes and skills to be a great leader and manager.

Management training not only teaches new concepts but will also help current and new managers discover how to employ what they know to positively and successfully lead their team.

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