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Professional Customer Care Training

  • In-House Option Available

Professional customer care is all too frequently regarded as a token issue in most induction sessions for employees.

Surprisingly it is rarely considered as a key priority, despite being essential for ensuring customer commitment is secure and supplier/partnerships are robust.

Excellent customer care is paramount in our ever increasingly competitive market and making customers feel valued and looked after is often a differentiator.

This two-day course will help you understand your customers and the vital importance of customer care in any organisation.

You will gain the tools and techniques to apply your learning directly back into the workplace and deliver excellent customer care.

For individuals, this course will increase confidence and ability to deal with customers in all situations, which will in turn create customer loyalty and raise their profile.

For an employer, ensuring that all customer-facing employees are demonstrating excellent customer care instils confidence in the customers and promotes a positive image of the company.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Adopt a professional telephone and/or face-to-face manner of communication
  • Communicate assertively by taking control and directing the conversation
  • Deliver information positively by offering options and alternatives
  • Develop a range of versatile behaviours to use when dealing with difficult situations by listening actively, using empathy, gathering relevant information through effective questioning, finding solutions to concerns/problems quickly and efficiently, and speaking positively and assertively

Course syllabus

Module 1

What is Excellent Customer Care?

Understanding the full importance of customer care and meeting customer expectations.
Module 2

Making a Personal Difference

How individuals can take ownership and make a difference to customer care.
Module 3

Gathering Information and Offering Solutions

Asking the right questions and listening actively.
Module 4

Dealing with Difficult Situations

How to solve problems, handle complaints and demonstrate empathy to dissatisfied customers.

Course Formats

We offer this qualification in a variety of formats. This gives you maximum flexibility, and allows you to fit your studies around your work and personal commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every single team member or employee with a role which involves engaging with a customer, clients, partners and suppliers has a responsibility for projecting a positive image of their organisation.

Does that sound obvious? Maybe. But how many times have you been treated with indifference as a customer or with a lack of professionalism by a receptionist, retail assistant, delivery driver, credit controller or departmental manager?

Many of us will have lost count.

And this is because professional customer care is regarded as a token issue in most induction sessions for employees and it is rarely considered as a key priority to ensure customer commitment is secure and supplier/partnerships are robust.

Yet the hugely expensive churn in customer/client commitments and staff is enormously expensive and immensely disruptive to any organisation.

We have an option where we can bring a professional actor into the training to play different customer characters in carefully crafted situations.

The delegates have the opportunity to pause the role play to coach and control their character to improve their skill sets and practice the theory delivered.

These scenarios can deal with difficult situations and enacting options to ensure good customer relations are intact.

The outcome of the scenario is down to the delegates, not the trainer and actor.

The actor will remain in character throughout the de-brief to bring to life the impact and possible next steps.

Yes, we can. The training can be run through Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Yes, we offer this training exclusively as an in-house course. This is because we focus what it covers on the exact needs and requirements of our clients.

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