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Media Training

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Are you looking to build awareness of your brand? Do you have stories you think would work well in the media? Would you know what to do if a journalist approached you about a story?

Media training will help you and your organisation gain greater recognition and showcase its expertise, produce stories that resonate with journalists and help your spokespeople deal with challenging questions.

And who better to learn from than current working journalists?

Our sister company Media First has a team of journalists you will probably recognise from the telly and they have helped thousands of organisations prepare for television, radio and print interviews.

Every course is bespoke and is carefully designed by account managers to meet the exact needs of the client. Your delegates will find themselves facing TV, radio and print interviews, either in broadcast quality studios or online.

And every interview is followed by immediate, constructive feedback.

The training will equip delegates with skills and techniques to execute strong media performances, control difficult and hostile interviewers and deliver memorable sound bites.

The team has been delivering media training for more than 35 years and works with more than 40 of the FTSE 100.

Course Formats

We offer this qualification in a variety of formats. This gives you maximum flexibility, and allows you to fit your studies around your work and personal commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every media training course is bespoke. The Media First account managers will spend time getting to know and understand your organisation and will design a course to meet your exact needs.

Media First can hold the training wherever you need it. It can take place at its broadcast-quality studios in Reading and has access to other studios across the country. Courses can also be held at your offices. Many courses now take place online – typically on Zoom or Microsoft Teams – and this is a great way of preparing spokespeople for the current media landscape where many interviews are taking place remotely.

Media First prides itself on keeping its training real. This means your interviews will be on subjects you would realistically talk to the media about. Your delegates will be encouraged to identify possible topics and the journalist tutors will then work with them to fine-tune them and ensure they are newsworthy.

Your delegates will be sent a short questionnaire that asks them to identify some subjects they could be interviewed about.

Not strictly speaking. But it is recommended you put your learning and new skills to the test as soon as possible. You also get handouts, detailed feedback and access to our online refresher course for a year.

That’s down to you, but it is advisable to keep on top of your skills and hone them before you speak to a journalist if you haven’t used them for a while. It is also important to recognise that the media landscape constantly evolves and in the past year it has changed dramatically. Many interviews are now taking place remotely and that format brings its own unique challenges. Similarly, we offer other courses, including crisis communication and message development, where the skills learnt should be regularly refreshed.

This will depend on the number of people you want to train, experience levels, availability of your delegates and the different interview formats you want them to experience. Media training is typically delivered in either full-day or half-day formats.

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