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Interpersonal Skills Courses

Interpersonal skills is a broad term that can mean different things to different people.

The way we define it is people with strong interpersonal skills have learnt to identify the best ways of interacting with others in different situations.

And the good news is these skills can be taught and developed.

We believe a little time and effort spent working, thinking and practising your interpersonal skills can pay huge rewards in all aspects of your life and in business.

After taking one of our open course or an in-house interpersonal skills training programme, you will almost immediately be able to see the return on investment. You will quickly utilise the skills and knowledge picked up from us and introduce them into your workplace.

Train the Trainer

There is no secret to becoming a successful trainer.

You need to equip yourself with the essential skills to deliver an engaging training session, meeting the needs of both the business and the delegates.

We can guide you through the training process, ensuring you leave the programme with the relevant skills to achieve tangible results.

Whether you are new to training, or wishing to refresh your skills, this course will guide you through the full training cycle and give you the skills you need.

Train the Trainer Courses
An image of a teacher's desk

Effective Video Communication

Even before the coronavirus lockdowns, more workplace communication was taking place remotely through video conferencing software.

Whether your organisation uses Zoom or Teams, the flexibility offered by these formats means they are here to stay.

And that means the skills needed to communicate on them effectively have never been more important.

Effective Video Communication Courses
Business communication remotely via video

Effective Communication and Influencing

This two-day course will provide you with the skills and behaviours to communicate clearly, confidently and effectively.

Our expert tutors will guide you through a packed syllabus that includes explaining the communication process, the different styles of influencing, the importance of body language and tone of voice and non-verbal communication.

Effective Communication and Influencing Courses
Communicating effectively in business

Effective Negotiation Skills

Have you ever walked away from a situation thinking "if I'd only put my thoughts / side / opinion or words across better"?

Negotiation is an everyday challenge for many of us whether it is in the office, field or at home.

This two-day course is perfect for managers, supervisors and salespeople. You'll learn and practice negotiation, assertiveness and influencing techniques.

Effective Negotiation Skills Courses
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Recruitment and Selection Course

This course will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to recruit the right people for your team.

This in-house course, which can be tailored to meet your exact needs, covers everything from legislation and advertising the role to maximise its impact, to interviews and making selection decisions.

Recruitment and Selection Courses
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Professional Customer Care

Excellent customer care is paramount in an increasingly competitive market and making customers feel valued and looked after is often a differentiator.

This two-day course is perfect for your managers, supervisors and salespeople and will help them understand your customers and the vital importance of customer care in any organisation.

Professional Customer Care Courses
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Media Training

Would your organisation benefit from more media coverage? Would you know what to do if journalists began contacting you about a story?

You’ll learn how to handle challenging questions, control interviews and develop messages that resonate with your customers.

And, you’ll develop skills that easily transfer into the boardroom, team meetings and other areas of your work.

Media Training
Media training studio

Bespoke Courses

Not found the training course you are looking for? Would you like to change some parts of our courses?

Don't worry. We can tailor all our interpersonal skills training to meet your exact needs and requirements, whatever the sector or industry.

We have 25 years’ experience of putting together bespoke training options to organisations of all sizes, both here in the UK and internationally.

Bespoke Interpersonal Skills Courses
Bespoke interpersonal skills courses and training sessions

We can design an interpersonal skills programme around your exact requirements. Click here to start the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interpersonal skills can be defined as the skills needed to interact and communicate effectively with others.

People also refer to them as ‘soft skills’ or ‘people skills’. Without them, it is incredibly difficult to achieve any kind of positive result when dealing with other people.

They are important in all aspects of life, but particularly in the business environment.

Whether it is managers providing instructions to their employees, workers collaborating on a project in a small team, a salesperson negotiating a deal, or customer service representatives dealing with a query, without suitable interpersonal skills it will be tough to achieve objectives.

Here are a few examples of good interpersonal skills:

  • Listening
  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication (e.g., body language)
  • Effective negotiation
  • Team working
  • Persuasion and influencing (particularly useful for managers and team leaders)
  • Conflict management

While good interpersonal skills can play a significant part in the success of a business, poor ones can be damaging.

A manager with poor communication skills will find employees get confused about what they should be doing if they are not provided with clear instructions. They may also become irritated or annoyed with the manager if they are spoken to condescendingly or rudely. And ultimately, they could become demotivated or disillusioned by the business which would be financially damaging to the brand.

Even if the manager does not mean to speak to the employee like this, if they have poor interpersonal skills and it comes across in this way, then the damage will be done and productivity/motivation will suffer greatly.

A member of the sales team who has poor negotiation skills will struggle to close deals, or secure them far less-favourable terms than they otherwise could have achieved if they were a better negotiator and could build better rapport with the customer.

Interpersonal skills are a fundamental component of any successful business, with regards to its most important asset – it’s people.

This is why it is so surprising they are often overlooked when it comes to allocating resources towards staff and management training.

A failure to be able to communicate a message, to work with other people, or even just saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can all result in serious financial consequences for a business, which is why interpersonal skills training is so important.

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