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Business Coaching and Mentoring - ILM Recognised Online Course

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This course is ideal for those new to business coaching and mentoring, as well as those wanting to develop their skills and knowledge.

If you are new to coaching, the course will provide you with an excellent foundation. You will understand the skills and techniques needed to become a great coach. And know how to plan, deliver, and review your sessions.

You may have done some coaching before but not had any training. This course will build and develop your skills. And help you identify where you need to improve and enhance your abilities.

The training will help you improve your knowledge and understanding of how to develop your people and how you could introduce some aspects of coaching into your everyday work conversations.

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Course Contents

This course draws on our 25 years of training experience and means you can access all the great stuff from our classroom from the comfort of your home, whenever you need it.

Introduction (5 mins)
  • Welcome
Coaching principles (35 mins)
  • Why business coaching
  • What's the difference between coaching and mentoring?
  • What skills do you need to be a coach?
  • Managing expectations with your client - confidentiality
  • Creating a great experience
  • Certainty and fairness
  • Seeking out coaching moments
  • Managing different personalities
Methodology, tools and techniques (25 mins)
  • Coaching methodology
  • The Wheel of Life
  • Johari's window
  • Combining coaching and mentoring
Coaching models (15 mins)
  • STAR model
  • CASH model
  • Grow model
Coaching in practice (40 mins)
  • Running a coaching session
  • Building your bank of coaching questions
  • Performance coaching model
  • Falling forward
  • Coaching and psychometrics
  • How to create a coaching culture in your company

Total time: 120 mins (approx.)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

That will vary for each delegate. One of the advantages of online courses is that you can revisit the content as much as you like.

It will take around two hours to go through the course. But we recommend you take notes and have regular breaks for the best learning experience and outcomes.

The course is recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). What does that mean? It means the programme has been assessed against a series of global quality standards and quality measures.

You will be asked to complete a test that you then mark and send to our assessors. The aim of the test is to confirm that learning has taken place. We believe that self-marking cements the learning.

This online programme is packed with videos, quizzes, interactive tools, and downloadable resources to support your coaching and mentoring career.

Like all our online courses, this training is packed with videos from our expert coaches. They will guide you through your learning. They share their experiences and knowledge. And it feels like you are in a classroom with them. Whether you choose this course or one of our other options depends on whether you need formal accreditation and how much time you have to complete the training.

It depends on what you need from the training. Do you need formal accreditation? Or are you just seeking the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to develop your coaching career?

If you want to become a member of a governing body, the ILM Level 5 Diploma or Certificate options will be better for you. Both will take longer as you must complete assignments and coaching or mentoring hours. Please click here for more information on our ILM Level 5 coaching qualifications.

To achieve the recognised status this course offer, you need to complete the training and the open book test. ‘Open book’ means you can use your notes and the course resources to complete the test.

Course Formats

We offer this course in a variety of formats. This gives you maximum flexibility, and allows you to fit your studies around your work and personal commitments.

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