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Executive Coaching

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Most managers rarely get direct feedback or even hear bad news.

And there are few people they can discuss sensitive issues with or use as a sounding board.

So, it's no surprise more and more managers and executives appreciate the confidentiality and personal attention of an executive coach.

Our coaches will work with you to understand your issues and needs in the context of your business.

They will then create short sessions that fit around your commitments. These will take place at your offices, on the phone, or on video conferencing software, with the aim of helping you to achieve your full potential.

Executive coaching is not only good for overcoming barriers and achieving goals, but is also beneficial when businesses go through a significant change where the executive, as well as other team members, must adapt to survive in the organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The benefits of executive coaching are varied and wide-ranging. But it will typically improve your performance by:

  • Developing greater self-awareness to help you open up more options
  • Building more effective personal skills: coaching, mentoring, problem-solving, leadership, time management, negotiation, delegation
  • Having an honest, objective sounding board to find creative solutions to problems
  • Learning to deal with issues, problems and alternatives from fresh perspectives
  • Becoming more strategic about work and stop letting day-to-day issues run your schedule
  • Developing a leadership style that suits you and gets results
  • Balancing your work, home, and recreational commitments, which can significantly increase your health and wellbeing
  • Having an opportunity to review outcomes and learning

We see it as a different option. One of its many benefits is flexibility.

Time is a commodity which is often in short supply for those in executive positions. It can be hard for them to attend a classroom-based training course, and an online course at home may not be appealing when you have been staring at a computer screen all day.

Our executive coaching sessions are designed to fit around you and your work commitments.

And the sessions are all about you. It is you talking through your issues, problems and barriers with an experienced coach who is outside your organisation so that solutions are found.

For more information on coaching and mentoring, including its many benefits and why it is so effective, please click here.

It is different every time and ultimately it is down to you. Many of the executives we work with have an ongoing relationship with their coach, using their services whenever they need them.

No. It also works well with the up and coming future leaders, helping them to overcome barriers and obstacles which may prevent them from reaching their potential.

It can also help prepare them for changing roles within the organisation, ensuring they are well prepared for promotions.

Becoming a business or executive coach can be a rewarding and financially lucrative career. For more information on becoming a coach, please see our page on "Becoming a Business Coach".

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