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The BCF Group delivers training courses to help your people become the best they can be.

The BCF Group delivers training courses to help your people become the best they can be.

We offer bespoke and carefully crafted pre-planned training options to meet your exact needs and help you develop and inspire your best assets – those who work for you.


Business Coaching

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits and value of coaching.

Increased productivity, better morale and improved creativity are just a few of the returns many are getting on their investment.

Our range of business coaching courses and qualifications will give you the practical tools and knowledge to become an effective business coach.

And you can complete the training online, in-person or as a blended bespoke course that could include a mixture of delivery methods – whatever works best for you.

Business Coaching
A business coaching session conducting remotely over the internet on computer

Management Training

When managers also become good leaders, everyone benefits. People and teams are inspired, productivity improves and organisations achieve their goals.

We offer a range of courses covering everything your managers need to become effective leaders, from improved problem-solving and decision making to enhanced motivation and change management skills.

Whether you need a training programme for your aspiring leaders, a refresher for your existing ones or a one-off piece of management training, our courses will meet your needs.

Management Training
Management and leading concept

Interpersonal Skills

Whether we are working remotely or back in the office, good interpersonal skills help us identify the best way of interacting with others in different situations.

Our training will help you develop and hone these skills, so you can communicate more effectively, negotiate confidently, improve your customer care and ensure you recruit the right people to your teams.

One of the great things about this training is you will get the opportunity to test your new skills immediately – we all use interpersonal skills every day. And you will see an immediate improvement.

Interpersonal Skills
Telephones connected signifying communication

Bespoke Courses

Not found what you are looking for?

Don’t worry, we can develop a training course to meet your specific needs and requirements and help you overcome the challenges you are facing.

We have been creating tailored training programmes for our clients for the past 25 years.

We will spend time getting to know you and the needs and aims of your organisation and delegates. And we will then develop a training programme with you that maximises their time and your investment.

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Bespoke courses

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Our Team

James White, Managing Director

James White

Managing Director

When it comes to training, James has huge experience. Not only is he our managing director, but he is also the boss of our sister company Media First, which provides bespoke communication training to 40 of the FTSE100. He is also the founder of content creation agency Thirty Seven. Away from work, James can be found fishing, playing pool and listening to Rod Stewart.

Dan Boniface, Head of Training

Dan Boniface

Head of Training and Executive Coach

Dan has worked in the training and coaching industry for two decades. He has worked with major clients including the NHS, Octopus Energy and large production companies and has coached hundreds of people on overcoming anxiety of public speaking, personal development, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and operational performance. Away from work, Dan is passionate about rugby and cricket and most importantly his family.

Andrew Kay, Finance Director

Andrew Kay

Finance Director

Andrew not only looks after the finances, but also supports the BCF management team and helps ensure the company meets its goals and the needs of its clients. Away from counting the money, Andrew plays golf and remains a football fan despite the trials and tribulations of supporting Derby County.

Laura Bridgeman, Leadership and Management Trainer

Laura Bridgeman

Head of Assessment and Trainer

Laura uses her experience from the world of education, and her passion for self-development, to enrich our delegates' training experience. She has managed large and complex teams and contributed to organisational change projects. At the BCF, Laura manages the post-course process, looking after assignments and certification for our training delegates.

Chris Pyke, Leadership and Management Trainer

Chris Pyke

Leadership and Management Trainer

Chris has worked in training and coaching for over three decades, working with large and small organisations in many different industries. He is particularly adept at identifying both organisational goals, and the personal needs of delegates. Away from work, Chris enjoys gardening, football and family life.

Kirsty Waite, Associate Coach

Kirsty Waite

Associate Coach

Kirsty spent two decades working in corporate environments and running global teams and now brings that experience to our coaching and training team. She prides herself on being straight-talking and honest. When she is not working, Kirsty can often be found with her head in a business book, listening to a podcast or planning her next travelling adventure.

Sasha Owen, Account Manager

Sasha Owen

Account Manager

Sasha brings to the BCF her extensive and varied experience in marketing, customer service, administration and leading projects. Having grown up in a haunted house in Cornwall, Sasha has only recently discovered the joys of high-speed broadband, so it’s no surprise that she’s very outdoorsy, listing rock climbing and surfing among her favourite pursuits.

Emma Bowler, Training Administrator

Emma Bowler

Training Administrator

As a mum to two young children our training administrator Emma is well versed at spinning all the plates, using her strong background in administration, customer service and sales to make sure all our courses hit the mark. Outside of work you’ll likely find her on a long walk with a good cookery podcast for company.

Peter Kay, Online Marketing Manager

Peter Kay

Online Marketing Manager

Peter manages our website and the online marketing side of the business. Having been with The BCF Group for over 15 years, he likes to learn new skills and ensure that our website and technology adapts to the ever-changing digital world. When not sat in front of a computer screen, Peter enjoys football, walks and playing with his son and new baby daughter.

Elspeth Dickson, Management and Coaching Assessor

Elspeth Dickson

Management and Coaching Assessor

11 years working within the work-based learning sector in various roles, Elspeth has a keen interest in person centred business change and improvement. She has worked with a wide range of clients, from small start-ups through to large international businesses supporting them with staff development and business change projects. Outside of work you will usually find her travelling or involved in some kind of food related activity, often with her dogs in tow.

Adam Fisher, Content Editor

Adam Fisher

Content Editor

As the author of the BCF Group's blog, Adam followed his father's footsteps into journalism and has previously worked for several newspapers, both on the news and sports desks. Adam can just as easily turn his hand to a range of talents outside of the office. Junior football coach, lunchtime power lifter, craft beer drinker and - golfers look away now – he claims to have once hit a genuine hole-in-one.

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